Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Immersion assembly

On a cloudy Monday morning rooms 19 and 20 went to the whole to see team on the stage First was team 1 miss Hokely     was  acting  like the fairy god  mother and the other teachers were acting like the mean sisters and Cinderella. cinderella was very sad because she wasn’t allowed to go to  the ball . Next was teen two they acted like superheroes and dinosaurs miss Marand  was  so funny I laughed at her After that It was team 3 they were using their  w-I-t-s and being kind . Mrs Carruthers Was so cute with her flower bag and her cute ponytails then it was team 4 turn they   
Acted like the toy shop on zip zap Avenue the bear was so rude and woody the cow boy was the best at dancing  I was clapping finally it was time for the lasted Group
Team5 they celebrated the niuan group and did a dance I Felt excited and happy to see people dancing.

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