Tuesday, 16 June 2020

Moana speech marks

Maona stood tall on the white sand as she said to Maui . "No I'm here to " "ohooo of course of course yes "said Maui as he threw his boat on to the sand and announced. " Maui always has time for his fans"And he cheekily snatched Moana's oar . Grabbing Heihei out of the sand Maui said' " I know  not everyday you get a chance to meet your hero " And he handed back Moana oar with a smile . " If you use a bird to write with it's called tweeting " Moana swung her oar and whacked Maui in the stomach " you are not my hero "shouted Moana  as she grabbed Maui's ear . " And I'm not here for you to sign my oar."

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